How your mini Coca-Cola factory works

Font heads, base units and carbonators

The Schroeder Magnum gun

The Schroeder Magnum Gun
arrow Ice cold drink every pour as carbonated water recirculation to the head of the gun
arrow Longer hose and 4 flavour options with carbonated water
arrow Minimal footprint on the bar
arrow Ceramic flow control adjustment ensuring perfect ratio quality

Volumetric Valve

Volumetric Valve
arrow 3 flavour options and built in carbonated water
arrow Measured dispense ensuring accurate stock control.  Multi pour and hands free
arrow Constant sensing tap technology for a perfect ratio drink every time

Cooler base units

arrow Coca-Cola Enterprises dispensing systems are efficient and hygienic
arrow In-line coolers and highly accurate valves ensure that the finished drink is served at optimum temperature and quality every time
arrow Simply installation. All that is required is power, water and CO2 source
arrow Syrup and carbonated water are automatically mixed together when the drink is dispensed
arrow Syrup is supplied as a standard size in 7 litre Bag-in-Box format


arrow Approximate size: H 370mm, W 470mm, D 170mm
Plastic coated steel case
arrow Used where refrigeration unit doesn't have integral carbonator
arrow Electrical supply = 240 volts